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Amber - Victoria - Kibum
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Taehun - No Eul - Sohyun

i can tell, this is love

hey so this is the official announcement, i'm moving over here as of today

it seems like i just moved here, right? this move isn’t by choice. this account no longer has likes, messages, or replies, so almost no way of communicating with anyone, i’m just… opening a new account.

this blog will still be here, i just won’t be using it. i like my collection of messages and gifs and fanfic, so… yeah. it’ll still be here. i just won’t be using it. (:

again, i want to stress that you are under no obligation or expectation to follow this new account. i won’t be checking obsessively or anything so… idk. ; u; you just don’t have to. i won’t be mad or anything, i promise, nor will my feelings be hurt at all.

so i’ll see you over there!!!


katie upon finding out that aj has a new twitter and that he hasn’t tweeted yet —

no i need to download every hq ze:a performance :||||||||||

so hq as shit harujongil things i didn’t know i needed but now need in my eyes until the end of the universe

high resolution →

#seriously weeping and shoving all of my myname feels into bree’s eyes #sorry bree :’(

pretty sure you’re giving me myname feels by proxy dude i love all of your myname feels

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asldkfweo katie kibum katie he’s stupid i hate him i just.. i just wanna touch his peep and i would make the peep noise ‘peep peep’

in which bree has kibum feels in real time and tells me all about touching his peep (via noonaverse)


well. i like the way you think. it was brilliant

thank you i try to have the best feels possible. c: c: c:

earler tonight at sunny’s, katie was browsing tumblr and the pic of taehun holding the black shirt was on her dash and i had the ugliest taehun feels in the middle of sunny’s living room, so ugly i practically flung myself out of the chair i was sitting in )))):

And that is both how physics work and how babies are made

i am a scientist of the highest caliber obviously


): sometimes i say things without thinking

i just told katie that i would plot trajectories to fling myself at daesung in hopes of landing vagina-first on his dick